Saturday, June 24, 2006

Student Council in Perspective

- Rene "Pixel" Ong

Making a mark is no mean feat. Introducing a new student body, the highest ever, is no exception to the rule. You need to have a strong foothold of practically almost anything that goes around the school: The students, the work, keeping up with your own academics (Yes, council members need to study too!). Not to mention the sheer pressure that comes with the job.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Student Council began its first few projects as early as last December; starting off with the Christmas Year-End Party held at the Santiago Resort. It was quite a reasonable feat considering they’ve been elected into position barely two weeks before the said event.

And then the new semester began.

First day of classes and they already had big plans ahead of the. They really do mean business. Let’s just hope they remain consistent about it.

Of course, hardly any school groups around have come by their business without having a bit of a drama fit into the story. The recently concluded Sports Fest, for example, went through a little controversy midway into the event. But that is neither too big of an issue nor remotely unexpected. That’s just how it goes. That’s how it is with sports, there’s always a winner & a loser.

The Student Council can hardly be called a game, least of all a gamble. There are no rebounds, no free throws, no fouls…just progress, and plenty of room for discovery and improvement.

Perhaps no other person can stand true to these last words better than council president Johnny Paragas.

He confesses:

“Being the leader in this body has taught me to become more resourceful and responsible than I was before. And it has certainly given me a good insight of my own limitations and strengths. It’s funny what a week’s worth of pressure can do to your thinking. Funny, but not entertainingly pleasant.”

Then again, even a strong and resourceful leader can’t handle all the challenges alone.

The rest of the council members need to do their respective duties. But whether or not they arise to the challenge is entirely up to them.

One good trait of a good leader is his ability to motivate. But Johnny seems to have a different way around motivating people. He doesn’t merely just come up to his fellow council members and share a few modest words of wisdom, he acts.

Finally, the Student Council has been elected not only to represent the students, but also to guide them.

It does take a good leader to make any institution grow. But a great leader is only as good as its followers.

Like I said, it’s a tough job. But if we all become good followers in our own rights, we can help make their jobs a lot easier. We owe them that.


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