Saturday, June 24, 2006

He is Pretty in Pink?

- Mariel ‘yie Abendan

“Being held captive by the
Gender crap wardrobe is over…
Today’s man’s fashion makes
a rebellion of their limitations.

In the pink of things… bags, sandals, watches, accessories and a lot more to divulge the real essence of a woman. This psychedelic color unleashes the surreal in you… But hey! We’re not going to talk about any femme issue here. Let’s prompt to all the guys out there!

Pink a masculine color? Why not? Late 2005, this hue emerged and basically, affected all apparel up to this moment. Shirts, polo, caps and even rubber shoes and belts are now mixed up with pink. Up heaving their sturdy, bullyboy image… this color became one tough but snug shade for man.

However a lot of our romeos say they’re getting into it because it’s kinda different, out of naiveté, even stupid. But how could it be so prominent when it started, going from a favorite to now becoming the uniform of most students.

Rugged jeans dressed up with pink shirt plus their sneakers would be one of the genre nowadays. Eventually this adam is now ready to thug along to smoggy Manila!

For women, it would be so attractive for a lad to get up and carry his pink medium eminently, and still be macho about it. Seems so cool, clean, and neat; even sweaty, unshaven with jeans due for washing two months ago. Pink is one of the remedies for the unkempt.

On the contrary, it’s neither to uplift man’s virility nor deteriorate their yahoo image perhaps… by wearing pink. But remarkably, this pink shade is now one of man’s forte.

It’s just another fad, people, plain and simple. The come and go season, so to speak. Wearing luridly pink shirts or shoes is no different nowadays as wearing a head band for the boys. It’s in style. Hopefully you’ll catch it before the next season arrives.


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