Saturday, June 24, 2006

Command & Conquer: The Generals Are In

- Aean "The General" Sevilla

The first expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Command & Conquer Generals challenges players to square off against the world's most elite commanders for battlefield domination.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Command & Conquer Generals is a strategically based game developed by EA Games Westwood, the same company that brought us RED ALERT 2, YURI'S REVENGE and the NBA Series on PC, Playstation and XBox.

The CCG allows you to build, create and control armies; upgrade vehicles, tanks, people nukes and all the kinds of attacks you can think of. You can move from one-star general, three-star general, to even the ultimate five-star. Let’s not forget also the super weapons that in fact have evolved to measly nukes to the dropping of tomahawks missiles to suicide bombers and my favorite a giant laser pointing down that puts out massive attacks. All the maps are now much more detailed and are to die for. Losing has not been much fun for me. You can literally see and feel the excitement, action and the rush that some of us look for in a game. It’s awesome.

How do you play this, you say?

Well first you start with one base and one tank building. From there you must expand and build defensive positions and combinations of attacks that you see fit. If you're familiar with
Red Alert, Command and Conquer isn't much any different. But the effects are more detailed and well-developed. It puts you where the action is, almost like in a simulation game.
Well now you know what I do after school. The graphics are stunning; the sounds are breathtaking; gameplay is amazing.


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