Saturday, June 24, 2006

Celebrating with a Bang

The Informatics FOUNDATION Week Coverage

Fully Loaded

Sporting two major events, the Informatics 3-day celebration of its 2nd year run kicked off last February 16, 2006!

As in last year’s celebration, the event was formally opened around ten in the morning with a motorcade around central Valenzuela. Sir Benj was of course leading the convoy in his spotting new wheels. After a quick run over the McArthur Highway, those who were on the motorcade joined the rest of the students back at school, where a certain number of guests and visitors were expected to come.


STUDENTS WERE DIVIDED INTO THREE TEAMS: TWO FOR MULTIMEDIA, ONE FOR NETWORKS. The exhibit, which would take in the majority of three days, started right after the motorcade. Students hitherto seem to have leaked in a certain amount of “other” talent during the redecoration of each assigned rooms, which took in some interesting makeover overnight, starting with the sci-fi attitude of the Networks arena to the Valentine-inspired Multimedia love-booth.
ON the multimedia corner, students from classes 156 and 258 compose the two teams, each with their own brand of displays. Class 156 compiled mostly FLASH Animations and Presentations, including those that were created on Authorware, ranging from music videos to vector-drawn animation clips created by the students themselves. Class 258 also gave in some presentations, web-integrated flash clips, and a few Authorware programs as well.

On the other hand, representing the Networks Department is the humanoid K-STAR Model101 (Batteries not included); fully functional and customized with retractable appendages, built-in voice box, and an almost human-like behavioral pattern programmed right at its central processing unit. Unfortunately, the silver-spangled humanoid was only a trial-version, and he had had to go home after some of its body paints started peeling away. Apparently, strange new technologies like the K-STAR need to take baths too.

On a more serious note, the networks presentation is basically about introducing the basic concepts of Networking. Miniature models depicting several concepts such as an Internet Firewall and LAN generally help convey these concepts.

Several important guests arrived at school within the day. Representatives from call-center companies and schools took some time on each department, and the collective responses have been generally good.

The world is indeed yet to discover the school’s true potential. Perhaps the many smiles and praises from each guest that came to the school is an indication that we are competitive and wise to what we are doing.


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